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Sustainability Education

July 18 - 24, 2022

Sustainability On-Course Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

The 3M Open is committed to doing our part for the planet, and we believe it’s our responsibility to lead. Protecting our shared environment and conserving natural resources ensures a vibrant golfing future for all to enjoy.

Recycling, Composting, Trash

Throughout the course, you will see clearly labeled recycling bins (BLUE), organics (compost) (GREEN) and trash bins. Please be sure to look at the images shown on each bin and dispose of your waste accordingly!


Bottles, Cans, Paper and Cardboard


Food, food service ware, cutlery, napkins and cups

Everything you eat from is compostable

We’re keeping it simple - everything your food is served to you on this year is compostable. That includes plates, food boats, utensils, and even your clear NatureWorks beverage cups, which are made from Ingeo and are commercially compostable. Please place these materials in the GREEN organics bins! 


Everything else.


Food Rescue Program

Through a partnership with Second Harvest Heartland’s Meal Connect program, we are able to safely rescue any excess catered food produced at the tournament. The food is donated to nearby communities experiencing hunger.

Organics Collection

We collect back-of-house food scraps for composting. You’ll also see front-facing organics recycling bins in high-traffic areas on the course. All organics collected at the tournament will be sent to SET in Empire, Minnesota.


3M Hydration Station 

Bring your own bottle to the tournament! Find water bottle refill station in Fan Village and help us to reduce single use bottles. 

Compostable Cups

All cups throughout the course are commercially compostable. Please place these cups in the GREEN organics bins! 

Bags to Beauty a FULL-CIRCLE Plastic Bag Collection Drive by TimberTech®

Bring your plastic bags (think grocery/shopping bags and dry cleaner bags) Look for the FULL-CIRCLE Recycling bins when you enter the course. The bags will be processed and used to make TimberTech® decking. 


Banner Reuse

Every banner you see has been reused from previous years! We purposefully print banners without any dates in order to keep using them year after year. This greatly increases their lifespan and reduces the amount of waste coming out of the tournament each year.

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