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Registration Opens in January 2024

Click HERE for a full list of our committees (please note, committees may be filled by time of registration).


  • Levelwear volunteer uniform to include golf polo, mid-layer, hat or visor 
  • Clear 3M Open drawstring backpack
  • Access to grounds with volunteer credential
  • Two (2) Good Any One Day tickets for friends or family members
  • Complimentary parking on days you volunteer
  • Lunch voucher for each shift you volunteer
  • Access to volunteer party


  • Must purchase your own volunteer uniform package
  • Volunteer at least 3 shifts


 The 2024 volunteer registration is $80. The volunteer package is valued at over $600!


  • Where do I park? 

Park at Blaine High School in the North parking lot. A shuttle will take volunteers to the golf tournament. We recommend arriving at the parking lot at least 30-45 minutes prior to your first shift.

  • What is the bus/shuttle schedule?

 Buses run continuously from 5am – 9pm (Mon - Sat) and 5am - 8pm (Sunday). There is no set schedule, but we have arranged for multiple buses for minimal wait times.

  • How many stops are there around the course?

There will be two stops. First stop will be at Lehman Lane (a short walk from the main entrance) and second stop will be at the volunteer HQ near hole 14.

  • Where are the volunteer headquarters?

This year we have two headquarters. One behind 9 green near the main entrance (first bus stop) and one near hole 14 green (2nd bus stop).

  • Will food be provided for volunteers?

Yes, your committee chair/hole captains will be providing volunteers with meal vouchers which can be redeemed at most concession stands.

  • Can I bring my own water bottle?

 Yes, but it must come into the tournament empty. You can fill it at either volunteer HQ location with water we have available.

  • Could I come to the course on days I am not volunteering?

Yes, your credentials allow you to watch the tournament as well. However, you will need to park at the National Sports Center, Blaine and use the public shuttle to the golf course.

  • What if I cannot make my assigned shift?

 Please contact your chairperson/hole captain right away so they can adjust their schedules.

  • What is the dress code while volunteering?

Volunteers are required to wear their 2024 uniform with khaki pants/shorts/skirts. If it is raining, please wear anything that will help keep you dry.

  • Can I bring a chair?

Yes, but do not bring the bag the chair comes in as it will not get through security.

  • Can I buy extra apparel?

Yes, we will be selling extra apparel during the tournament at the volunteer HQ near hole 14.

  • What kind of shoes do you recommend?

 We ask that you wear comfortable shoes as the majority of the volunteer positions require standing for long periods of time. Metal spikes are not allowed.

  • Can I take photographs or ask for autographs while volunteering?

No. We ask you not to ask for autographs or take photographs while volunteering.


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