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If you are volunteering this year, please click here to read through the Covid-19 Notice and sign the NEW Covid-19 waiver.

Interested in volunteering for the 3M Open? 

At this time, we are no longer accepting 2020 volunteer applications. All volunteers will be contacted by the tournament office with more updates. Thank you for your patience!


Who will have access to the 3M Open during the tournament?

                Only essential volunteers

How do I know if I get to volunteer this year?

                Your chairperson/hole captain will reach out to you regarding your role at the 2020 3M Open

If I find out that I have been relieved of my volunteer duties for this year, what happens to my volunteer package payment?

                You will be asked to complete a survey and answer what you would like to do with your payment. Your three options are:

  1. Donate your payment in your name to the 3M Open Fund in support of our local charities
  2. Roll over your payment to the 2021 3M Open and be guaranteed a spot to volunteer
  3. Request a refund (check will be sent out post tournament)

Why is my committee “non-essential”?

                The PGA TOUR has provided the tournament staff with strict guidelines as to who is able to fulfill their duties at the tournament. To ensure safety is our main concern, only a very minimal number of volunteers will be asked to join us.

Can I still get my uniform even if I don’t volunteer this year?

                The volunteer coordinator will reach out to all volunteers post tournament if we have nay uniforms left over

Explore our volunteer opportunities!

General Volunteer Committee



Assist Finance Department, tournament accountant, with distributing and inventorying money for admissions/tickets and volunteer headquarters. Manage the PGA TOUR professional finance station and assist professionals with cashing checks.

Dates of Operation: Monday – Sunday

Player Services

Greet professionals at the airport and work with the transportation committee to get them to the correct vehicle. Assist with professional player registration. Acts as a concierge for the players and handle general hospitality inquiries from players and their families. Assist with ticket requests, mailings, etc. for PGA TOUR professionals.

Dates of Operation: Sunday before tournament – Sunday


Assist tournament staff with pro-am registration, parties, and gift distribution. Volunteers provide numerous support functions on pro-am days including, but not limited to, bag handling, tee time assistance, and awards presentation.

Dates of Operation: Monday and Wednesday

Tournament Office

Assist tournament staff prior to and during the tournament with general administration duties including answering the phones, managing shipping and receiving at tournament office, making photocopies and other miscellaneous administrative duties.

Volunteer Services

Assist with inventory, assembly and distribution of volunteer uniform packages prior to tournament week. Oversee and manage Volunteer Headquarters during the tournament. Duties will include answering volunteer questions, exchange and sell uniforms, handout volunteer lunch vouchers and maintain a clean Volunteer Headquarters.

Dates of Operation: Monday – Sunday. Volunteers will also be needed prior to tournament week, during uniform distributions and during volunteer trainings.



Oversee the daily distribution of tournament radios. Inventory radios upon return at the end of each day and charge them for the next day.

Dates of Operation: Monday – Sunday

Media Center

Assist with registration and welcoming of local, national and international media. Work with media staff to answer media inquiries, distribute paper materials and provide an ideal working environment for on-site media. Volunteers may be asked to chauffer media officials throughout the golf course during tournament days.

Dates of Operation: Monday - Sunday

Off the course operations

Admissions & Will Call

Serves as the official welcome committee for all spectators. Volunteers on this committee will greet spectators, act as will call and assist spectators on buses as they depart the parking areas. As spectators arrive at main gate, volunteers will scan tickets, sell tickets and assist with box office operations.

Dates of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday

Caddie Services

Assist with professional caddie registration, maintain the caddie lounge area and act as a concierge for the caddies. Distribute and collect caddie bibs and towels daily.

Dates of Operation: Monday – Sunday

Child Care

Volunteers will work with the Official Day Care Facility and the PGA TOUR Staff to provide primary day care for PGA TOUR professional’s children. Must be 17 years of age or older. Will be required to have a background check.

Dates of Operation: Wednesday – Sunday

On the course operations


Serve as the greeters of the tournament and handout tournament programs and pairings guides. Provide directions, answer questions, and tournament information to spectators at the main entrance and various locations throughout the course.

Dates of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday

Corporate Hospitality

Greet guests, check credentials and provide wristbands to clients at hospitality locations. Provide information and support to hospitality hosts and their guests, ensuring the tournament supporters have a positive and memorable experience. Communicate any needs to the tournament staff.

Dates of Operation: Tuesday-Sunday


Marshals are assigned to a hole and have the unique opportunity of being inside the ropes. They provide gallery control, assist in player movement and help locate errant golf shots. Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of golf rules and regulations on a golf course. Marshals should know the surrounding area of their assigned hole and provide spectators with general information as needed.

Dates of Operation: Tuesday-Sunday

Practice Facilities

Oversee the day to day operations of the practice facility including the driving range, putting green, chipping green and sand trap as well as the surrounding spectator areas. Responsible for the set up and tear down of the practice facility. As PGA TOUR professionals enter and exit the range, volunteers are responsible for setting up nameplates, providing players with golf balls and any other general assistance. Volunteers will help marshal the practice facility area as well as allowing properly credentialed people in the area. This position works outside all day and volunteers must be comfortable with and prepared for all weather conditions. Due to the nature of the event, morning shifts will start early and afternoon shifts may end late.

Dates of Operation: Monday – Sunday

Roving Marshal

Roving marshals are assigned to a hole upon arrival of their shift depending on marshal needs. They have the unique opportunity of being inside the ropes. They provide gallery control, assist in player movement and help locate errant golf shots. Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of golf rules and regulations on a golf course.

Dates of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday

On-Course Distribution

Distribute and replenish drinks, ice and snack to all holes on course and other various locations including driving range, scoring tents, volunteer headquarters, etc. Deliver tournament programs and pairings sheets to pairings box locations, main entrances,clubhouse, corporate tents, etc. Volunteers must be able to perform moderate to heavy lifting. Must be able to navigate a golf cart in high traffic areas.


Shotlink Lasers

The Shotlink committee assists PGA TOUR officials with generating statistics for TV and internet coverage using lasers and other electronics. Volunteers will operate the lasers which are located on fairways and greens. Training and on-site support will be provided by PGA TOUR Shotlink staff. There will be a mandatory meeting to attend the weekend prior to tournament.

Dates of Operation: Wednesday - Sunday. Wednesday is a training day. On Thursday and Friday, volunteers may choose half-day or full day shifts. Saturday and Sunday must be full day shifts.

Standard Bearers

Accompany a group with a standard displaying the player names and scores in relation to par on a cumulative basis. Must be able to carry a standard sign (approximately 10 pounds) and walk all 18 holes. There will be a mandatory meeting to attend the weekend prior to the tournament.

Dates of Operation: Wednesday – Sunday

Walking Scorer

Record statistics and scores for players on a hand-held device as part of the PGA TOUR Shotlink system. Volunteers will be assigned to walk with a group for all 18 holes. Volunteers must have knowledge of golf scoring and etiquette. Volunteers are required to attend a mandatory training session the weekend prior to the tournament.

Dates of Operation: Wednesday – Sunday


Cart Management

Oversee the distribution and maintenance of golf carts. Volunteers will sign in/out golf carts to authorized personnel and charge all carts at the end of each day. Requires early mornings and late nights. Please note: must be at least 16 years of age to operate a golf cart.

Dates of Operation: Monday – Sunday


Volunteers will drive golf cart shuttles for disabled guests, volunteers, players, and caddies to and from their respective viewing areas, tournament entrances, workstations, and sometimes parking lots. Volunteers in this committee will need to follow strict guidelines on when and where to shuttle and who they will be allowed to shuttle. Must have a valid driver’s license and be 21 years of age or older.

Dates of Operation: Monday-Sunday


Provide tournament cars to the PGA TOUR professionals and escort the professionals and/or their families when the need arises. Volunteers may also be asked to shuttle other tournament guests. The transportation committee will be stationed in three different areas: the airport, the golf course, and host hotels.

Dates of Operation: Pre-Tournament Saturday – Monday After Tournament

Student Volunteer Program

The 3M Open is recruiting student volunteers to be an integral part of the tournament. Students can receive community service hours for volunteering at the 3M Open. Student volunteers are required to be 18 years of age or older and have a valid ID. We ask our student volunteers to commit to a minimum of two (2) shifts. A shift is approximately 6-8 hours. Each student volunteer is required to purchase the $35.00 student volunteer package.

The package includes:

  • One (1) tournament logo polo
  • One (1) tournament logo baseball cap or visor
  • One (1) volunteer badge the grants access to the tournament even on days you are not working
  • One (1) volunteer parking pass to be used during shifts
  • Food vouchers to be used toward lunch for each shift worked
  • Admittance to the Volunteer Appreciation Party

Student Volunteer Committee

  • Admissions & Will Call
  • Child Care
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Marshal
  • On-Course Distribution
  • Practice Facilities
  • Shotlink Lasers
  • Spectator Information
  • Standard Bearer
  • Tournament Office

NOTE: Student volunteers will need to upload a copy of current student registration or student identification card during the registration process.

Junior Volunteer

The 3M Open is looking for juniors to be a part of the inaugural tournament. Earn community service hours while volunteering at a PGA TOUR tournament. To qualify as a junior volunteer, you must be between the ages of 13-17 on July 1, 2019. We ask that all junior volunteers commit to a minimum of two (2) shifts. A shift is approximately 6-8 hours. It is FREE to be a junior volunteer.

Click Here To Review PGA Tour Volunteer Safety Manual


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