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Sustainability Education

July 22 - 28, 2024

Sustainability On-Course Initiatives

Welcome to the 3M Open Sustainability Education Page!

Join us as we lead the charge in environmental stewardship at the 3M Open. Your active participation is essential in helping us reach our comprehensive sustainability goals for 2024. This guide simplifies our waste management system, enabling you to assist attendees effectively.

2024 Sustainability Goals

2024 earth day

Waste Diversion Streams 

Recycling, Compost, Trash

Throughout the course, you will see clearly labeled recycling bins (BLUE), organics (compost) (GREEN) and trash bins. Please be sure to look at the images shown on each bin and dispose of your waste accordingly!

Recycling (Blue)

  • What goes in:
    • Plastic bottles 
    • Aluminum cans and tin foil
    • Caribou Coffee plastic cups
    • Paper products such as flyers and brochures

Location: Recycling containers will be located everywhere on the course. They will be located in the square Cerobins with the blue circle hole (fan village and hospitality) , in the blue Slim Jim trash cans (back-of-house), or with a wire rack with a blue recycling bag (on the course)

Recycle 100

Compost  (Green)

  • Simplified Sorting: Nearly all food service items are compostable, including:
    • Plates, most cups, and utensils
    • All food scraps
    • Napkins and paper food containers
  • What to do: Dispose of your entire meal — plate, leftovers, utensils, napkin — in the green compost bins. This streamlined approach is designed to facilitate ease of use.

Location: The green compost bins will be located near all areas that have food service. They will always be collected in the square Cerobins with the triangle shaped hole (fan-facing front of house), or the green Slim Jim trash cans (in the back-of-house)

Compost new

Trash  (Black)

  • What goes in:
    • Candy wrappers, chip bags, sunscreen packets, and plastic bags
    • Non-compostable and non-recyclable items

Location: Black trash bins are fewer in number, placed to encourage the use of recycling and composting options first. They are located in the square Cerobins with the black square (fan village and hospitality), cardboard boxes (back-of-house) or wire racks with a clear trash only bag (on the course)

Trash 100

Sustainability Station with an Interactive Game

Explore proper waste sorting and engage with our Sustainability Station. Play an interactive cornhole game where each section represents a different waste stream, blending fun with education.

How You Can Support Our Sustainability Efforts

  • Use Reusable Water Bottles: Reduce single-use plastic by bringing your reusable water bottle to refill at the Hydration Station located in the Fan Village.
  • Carpool to Shuttle Service Areas: Minimize your carbon footprint by sharing rides with other attendees.
  • Proper Waste Sorting: Make use of the clear signage around each bin to dispose of waste in the correct stream—compost, recycling, or landfill. This helps us maximize waste diversion from landfills.
  • Educate Others: Share your knowledge about our sustainability practices with other attendees to enhance collective participation and impact.
  • Reduce Food Waste: Be mindful of food portions to minimize waste, and utilize the compost bins for any food scraps.
  • Use Digital Programs: Opt for digital versions of programs, schedules, and maps available via our app or website, reducing the need for paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What should I do if I find items that don't clearly belong in any bin? 

A: When in doubt, use the black landfill bins to avoid contamination of the compost and recycling streams.

Q: Where does the compost go after collection? 

A: All compostable material is processed at The Mulch Store, where it is turned into nutrient-rich compost soil.

Q: Why can't Caribou coffee cups be composted? 

A: The plastic compostable cups that are used in other areas of the course can’t withstand the heat from the coffee. Caribou coffee cups are the only plastic-looking cups on the course that are not compostable and need to be recycled. 

Q: Can I recycle plastic bags and film at the event? 

A: No, plastic bags and film should be disposed of in the black landfill bins as they cannot be recycled in our bins.

Q: Need more help or have further questions? 

A: For assistance, please contact: Laura Sivels, Rico Solutions Email: Phone: 319-242-3020

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