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3M Science at the 3M Open

2024 3M Open: This is Golf, 3M Style

What exactly IS “Golf, 3M Style”? Well, for starters it’s 7,400 yards of 3M Science – the seamless integration of cutting-edge material science and technology into the fabric of the 3M Open itself. From advanced materials found in the development and manufacturing of today’s revolutionary golf equipment, to 3M print films used on each hole to bring our brand to life on-course, and to innovative solutions optimizing the spectator experience, 3M Science permeates every aspect of the 3M Open, ensuring a truly unparalleled and unforgettable tournament.

But even more than that, Golf, 3M Style and our #GolfThatMatters ethos, are defined by our commitment to our community, as we pledge substantial charitable contributions derived from partner support, ticket sales, and even food and beverage purchases. With over $7 million donated thus far, the 3M Open continues to not only enrich the lives of golf enthusiasts but the communities we proudly serve.

This is Golf, 3M Style—where excellence, innovation, and community converge to redefine the very essence of the sport and the world around us.

Six 3M Technologies that will be featured at The Lab at the 2024 3M Open


Abrasives (Ab)


3M Abrasives are used by club manufacturers to finish off golf iron heads to a consistent, smooth finish. In some instances, advanced robotics, paired with 3M Abrasives, such as 3M™ Tirzact™3M™ Cubitron™ II, and Scotch-Brite™, help finish and polish golf equipment in the most efficient and consistent ways possible.


The same 3M Abrasives finishing new and innovative golf clubs are used in consumer electronics, automotive, health care, and even space travel. That’s right, 3M Abrasives are used by rocket makers to ensure the stainless steel and aluminum-alloy rockets are finished to pristine and consistent standards. 3M’s oldest technology, 3M Abrasives, are also in your kitchen in the form of Scotch-Brite™ scrub sponges and scouring pads.


Adhesives (Ad)


Whether they’re being swung by a PGA TOUR pro or an amateur, golf clubs undergo serious moments of stress on the course. 3M Adhesives help bond clubs together, from the grip to the shaft to the club head. A prime example of 3M Adhesives driving innovation in the game is the use of ScotchWeld™ Structural Adhesives to bond new Carbon Fiber faceplates to the body of the driver head. With club speeds greater than 120 mph, it is critical that the face plate remains in place to help deliver distance and accuracy. ScotchWeld™ ensures the plate remains securely in place.

If you find yourself at the 3M Open, be on the lookout for our VHB Hangout chairs and ScotchWeld™ swings. These fan favorites show off the bonding power of 3M Adhesives.


3M Adhesives are helping to bond the world together. Found in most consumer electronics, cars, airplanes, consumer products, and buildings, 3M bonding solutions can bond dissimilar materials together. Some of 3M’s most famous products are made possible because of adhesives: Command™ Hooks, Post-it® NotesNexcare™ BandagesScotch™ Tape, and Scotch-Brite™ Lint Rollers. And did you know the innovative folding phones being introduced in today’s consumer electronics market are made possible in part due to 3M structural adhesives and tapes? 3M Adhesives also help with light-weighting and sound damping. Reducing the need for heavier rivets, 3M Adhesives are helping cars and planes travel farther on one charge or fuel-up. 3M holds the world record for lifting a 10-ton truck with a 6 square inch area of 3M Adhesive.


Films (Fi)


When you’re watching exciting PGA TOUR coverage on your smartphone or large-screen television, there’s a good chance 3M Films are helping to create a more vibrant viewing experience while using less energy. While optical films are helping to create a better picture off the course, on the course they’re bringing the 3M brand to life on walls, hole signs, and the sides of tents.


3M Films – some in 100s of layers thinner than a human hair – are protecting windows from breaking AND improving the battery life on your phone. 3M Multi-layer Optical Films are found in the latest VR headsets (reducing headset depth by 50%), in stunning and legible (even in sunlight) car interior screens, in privacy films, in Scotch Tapes, and are changing the appearance of cars. When paired with 3M Abrasives, 3M Films are helping to guide you home in the middle of a storm in the form of road signs. Films help with sustainability in your home, too, by reflecting the sun’s heat while letting the sunshine through. Even today, 3M Films are being applied to busses and semi-trailers to keep humans and produce cool.

3M Films have been found to help grow better yields of produce, too, even in more northern latitudes. 3M Film solutions such as anti-reflective films, infrared blocking films, and retroreflective films are solving unique challenges for large growers in their greenhouses by better managing and manipulating the sun’s light and heat. The same 3M Film improving yields at greenhouses can also be turned into electricity for the greenhouses’ grow lights.


Nonwovens (Nw)


You’ll never look at spaghetti the same again. That’s because 3M Nonwovens, mimicking a plate of spaghetti can clean a golf iron with the help of Scotch-Brite Scouring Pads and Sponges. This same “mess” of material is helping golfers who are squeezing in one last round in the late fall stay warm through insulation. 3M Nonwovens are found at practice facilities, too, in the form of practice mats. Even the sponge-like, comfortable floor of The Lab at the 2024 3M Open is made up of 3M Nonwovens.


3M Nonwovens are around you in more ways than you expect. From Bluetooth-enabled Filtrete™ Filters keeping your air clean in your home, to the face masks that helped keep our first responders protected during the COVID outbreak. At 3M, they’ve even figured out how to make nonwovens from plant material and recycled plastic bottles. Scotch-Brite™ Greener Clean™ Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge is made from Agavé plants and their 100% Recycled 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is made from discarded plastic soda bottles. Similarly, 3M™ Thinsulate™ is enabling lighter and quieter e-vehicles.

3M Nonwovens are helping our planet in new ways, too, such as in large carbon capture plants. A large-scale carbon capture plant in Texas using 18-miles worth of 3M Nonwovens will be able to remove 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide from our air.

Performance materials

Performance Materials (Pm)


This technology platform is a collection of unique materials developed and manufactured internally by 3M that provides differentiated performance to products made by 3M. It includes a combination of ceramics, nanomaterials, advanced silicone materials, specialty monomers and polymers, specialty additives, and coatings to create unique materials and composites. In golf, golf ball-shaped 3M Glass Bubbles have been used by golf manufacturers to reduce the weight of certain golf irons while maintaining strength.


Imagine lighter-weight vehicles that can travel farther on less fuel. More efficient ways to drill for oil and insulate deep sea pipelines. Paint that helps keep homes cooler on hot, sunny days. In all these ways and more, 3M Glass Bubbles are helping a wide range of industrial sectors solve their design challenges and reach new levels of performance and productivity. 3M Glass Bubbles are also helping NASA launch its new Space Launch System into space by keeping its liquid hydrogen storage tanks at the proper, extremely low temperature.

When added to airplane and automotive parts, these glass bubbles can save fuel through light-weighting.

Advanced robotics

Advanced Robotics (Ro)


Golf manufacturers are leaning on robotics in their manufacturing for a few reasons, including consistent output and the impact of a shrinking workforce. When paired with 3M Abrasives, the very clubs you’re playing your rounds with may have been finished with artificially intelligent robots outfitted with 3M abrasives.


Non-golf manufacturers have the same needs as golf manufacturers: increased productivity and the need to mitigate the challenges of a shrinking workforce. Advanced robotics are used across industries, including automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, and more. 3M RoboTape™ System for 3M™ Tape allows the design and assembly processes to take advantage of the benefits of 3M Tape, while reducing manual labor, re-work, work-in-process inventory, and increasing digitization and production throughput. Smart phones, e-vehicles, and appliances all benefit from this type of automation, and advances in artificial intelligence are helping robots to improve their output and consistency.

2023 3M Open: Let’s Get Phygital.

Transformative, unstoppable global forces are shaping the world around us. These forces – identified as megatrends – can have far-reaching, disruptive impacts on businesses, economies, industries, societies and individuals that can last for decades. To better understand the source of these trends and their impact around the world, 3M is applying materials science-based innovations at scale to address climate change, demographic swings, social change and the digital revolution.

At this year’s 3M Open, we are focusing on the convergence of the physical and digital worlds – something we refer to as “PHYGITAL”. Attendees who visit our 3M Fan Hub, powered by 3M, will be able to experience this hybrid world where advances in AR/VR, robotics, and automotive experiences are enabling our company to deliver unique, scalable solutions that help improve lives, drive progress and shape our world.

2022 3M Open: What's Next.

At 3M, we innovate in ways big and small, continuously transforming what we deliver and how we drive next-generation ideas forward. At this year’s 3M Open, we’ll be featuring tomorrow’s science, today – showcasing what’s next for the technologies that will help connect, protect, heal and inspire us (BGs). This experience will manifest itself through physical activations, as well as digital content. While we talk of the tournament in terms of 7,200 yards of 3M Science – as made evident by 3M solutions being seen on each golf hole – our primary showcase area is the impressive 50-foot diameter dome: the 3M Science Dome.


3M Science Dome

Housed inside the dome are activations highlighting each of our 3M business groups:

Consumer: Constantly designing new solutions that simplify and reinvent how we live and work

Health Care: Enabling better, smarter, safer healthcare to improve outcomes for everyone.

Safety & Industrial: Driving performance, safety, and reliability to protect people and transform how work gets done.

Transportation & Electronics: Pioneering bold innovations in mobility, electronics and brands that delight and power the world.

From robotics to space travel to digital telemedicine and the future of collaboration, the 3M Science Dome is an immersive experience that is sure to inspire tomorrow’s scientists and consumers.

Of special note, the dome is also home to a 360º video experience, akin to an IMAX theater. Here, content from our business groups, charity partners, customers, and more is displayed in stunning audio and visual quality. The feature piece of content is a 4-minute feature film titled “The Impossible, Possible World.


The Impossible, Possible World.

Experience a 360º journey of sights and sounds about the human experience – how humanity continues to reimagine what’s possible.

 “Everything seems impossible until it’s not. Did you ever think the company that started as a sandpaper company in Two Harbors, Minnesota would be helping make space exploration possible? Let alone that we’d be able to send the heartbeats of those space explorers back down to earth to monitor their health? When we look beyond at what was previously thought impossible, we begin to see a world in which everything is possible. It changes the way we look at the world. Instead of obstacles, opportunities. Roadblocks, new data. The undoable, a chance to roll up our sleeves and get creative. Because there’s always another way. And we’re creating that, today.”

Pocket Josh

The Portable Life Caddie powered by 3M Science

A humorous approach with our 3M Open Ambassador Josh Duhamel highlighting 3M’s 2022 3M Open theme around “What’s Next” for tomorrow’s innovations.

2021 3M Open: Same Science

As the title sponsor, 3M is uniquely qualified to apply our own 3M Science to help keep fans safe at the tournament and enhance the overall guest experience. The same 3M Science highlighted at the 2021 3M Open helped to bring back events, businesses, and what we all missed most: being together. Starting with our partnership with the MN Twins, to our showcase at the 3M Open, and around the globe, 3M Science was at the forefront of helping us all return – to play, to work, to reconnect.

Click HERE to see how 3M keeps fans safe.

2020 3M Open: The Power of Community / The Science of Golf

The Power of Community

Nowhere had the power of community been more evident than in first half of 2020 - during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The selfless dedication of our community members, from first-responders to health care workers to front-line caregivers – and anyone who sheltered at home – powered us to navigate difficult and unusual circumstances. Risking their own safety, these heroes continued to support and protect our communities. For the 2020 3M Open, we’ll not only celebrated the everyday heroes, but gave back to those who gave so much. 

The Science of Golf

With help from 3M Ambassador and Hollywood leading man, Josh Duhamel, we showcased the many 3M solutions that help the golf industry continue to thrive.

The smallest enhancements to tools golfers rely on each round can make a huge difference in elevating their game. Players are asking for enhancements and golf manufacturers are listening. For some, turning to 3M Science has helped deliver longer drives, lower club vibrations and straighter putts that every golfer wants.

Abrasives. Adhesives. Glass Bubbles. These may not be the first things you think of when holding a golf club. But believe it or not, these 3M technologies improve everyday life by helping make cars with smaller carbon footprints and keeping homes cooler on hot, sunny days. The same technologies also help elevate your golf game. 

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