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Make A Difference at the 3M Open as a Volunteer

Jul 10, 2023

Sam Schneider 

Blaine, Minn. -- The 3M Open—an illustrious tournament that showcases skill, sportsmanship, and a commitment to the greater Twin Cities community – is calling for passionate individuals who want to make a difference. Step onto the course and discover the power of volunteering at this extraordinary event, where your contribution can leave a lasting impact on the world of golf and the lives of those in the community. 

As a volunteer at the 3M Open, you become an indispensable part of the tournament, connecting players, spectators, and the event itself. Whether you choose to assist with competition support, fan services, logistics, or operations, there's a place for everyone to shine and contribute to the successful execution of this remarkable event. 

 Join the countless volunteers who have discovered the transformative power of serving at the 3M Open. Therese Sweitzer, a dedicated volunteer with a decade-long history at the tournament, describes volunteering at the 3M Open as a “family reunion” as she has developed relationships with volunteers and fans throughout her time with the 3M Open. "My experience has been nothing short of wonderful," she reflects. "Before I started volunteering, I would attend as a spectator. Once I retired, I decided why not volunteer!" Sweitzer, like many others, was drawn in by her love for the game of golf and the opportunity to be part of something greater.  

 Sweitzer's role as a standard bearer holds a special allure, enabling her to accompany the players and contribute to the seamless functioning of the tournament. She highlights the sense of fulfillment she derives from her role, saying, "Being a standard bearer allows me to witness the incredible talent up close and support the players. It's an incredible feeling to be part of their journey." 

 Nick Bergstedt, another passionate volunteer, emphasizes the impact volunteers can make: "You're not just helping run a tournament, you're helping build a community." As a volunteer in the tournament operations department, Bergstedt plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive experience for spectators. He highlights the supportive environment and camaraderie among volunteers, saying, "Everyone working there is exceptionally welcoming, helpful, and friendly." With a smile on his face, Bergstedt reflects on his past experiences and consistently emphasizes the profound allure of being part of a larger purpose. "That's the biggest appeal for me," he explains. "Being a part of something that's bigger than me. It's easy to get caught up in our own lives, but it's truly fulfilling to contribute and make a genuine difference in the local community.” 

 Volunteers play a vital role in the tournament, serving as a lifeline that breathes excitement into its very existence. Without these selfless individuals, orchestrating a spectacle of such magnitude and ensuring its seamless execution would be an insurmountable task. From the tireless hours spent in planning to the electric atmosphere they infuse during the event itself, volunteers are the driving force behind every facet of this riveting tournament. 

 Both Sweitzer and Bergstedt have discovered a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment through their volunteering experiences at the 3M Open. Sweitzer expresses her unwavering commitment, saying, "The love for the game and the opportunity to be a part of something greater keeps me coming back year after year. The impact we make as volunteers goes beyond the tournament; it resonates within the community." 

 Bergstedt echoes her sentiment, emphasizing the lasting impact volunteers can have: "When you volunteer, you're not just helping with the logistics; you're making a difference in people's lives. The smiles on the faces of the spectators and the sense of unity among the volunteers are what bring me back every year." 

 At the 3M Open, your contribution reaches far beyond the boundaries of the tournament itself. By joining this vibrant community of volunteers, you have the chance to create positive change and leave a legacy. Together, we can weave the threads of skill, sportsmanship, and community, leaving a mark that resonates far beyond the final putt.